Advanced Security:
Your home will immediately alert you of all dangers, including: intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, freezing conditions, and water pipe breaks. Programmable variations of lighting and even audio from the stereo or television can make a vacant home look and sound occupied. In addition to alerting a professional monitoring station, your HMS can contact you over the phone, with full speech messaging, on up to eight different phone numbers, including your cell phone and digital pager.

Fire / Life Safety Protection:
In the event of a fire your air conditioner and electrical appliances are turned off to deter the spread of smoke and fire throughout your home. Optimal interior lighting aids in your family's safe exit while the outside lights flash to alert the neighbors and fire department of your family's danger. In addition to notifying your central monitoring station, your system can call up to eight different phone numbers to inform others of the situation with full speech messaging.

Advanced Security

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