PBX Phone Systems for Small Business
What is a PBX? It's the kind of powerful phone system that only big business could afford. Until now! Save up front and save going forward: Every unit is built to save you money. How? Let us count the ways:

Unbeatable Value

Great systems, small prices. But it's more than just low prices. These phone systems also save your small business money.

Auto Attendants

Start with answering your phone consistently and professionally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's like having a receptionist who never takes breaks.

Flexible and Powerful

The systems auto attendants have three modes, so you can answer the phone differently after hours or on holidays. They can offer your callers a dial-by-name directory, and you can set up ring groups so callers can ring, for example, all of the phones in your sales department at once.

Music to Your Customers' Ears

The systems come with music on hold, so your callers get serenaded while they wait for you. You can play any music you want, or ply them with marketing messages to boost your sales. Not sure what to play?

Hold? No Thanks!

Some customers just don't want to be on hold. Call queue gives your callers the option to leave a voicemail or back out to the previous menu of auto attendant options. Now, that's great customer service. Plus with the full line of features that come with every system, it's easier to connect professionally with your customers, partners and suppliers, and nothing improves your business image more than fast service.

Low Purchase Price

With low prices for a complete, all-in-one system. Systems come with everything you need, including features that other systems charge extra for.

Meet Your New Receptionist

Automatically answers and directs your calls and handles inquiries about things like your hours or location. That means you can put more of your people power somewhere else. You'll also find your staff is more effective at what they're supposed to be doing when the system manages the call traffic.

Use Your Existing Phones

Don’t be tied down to a set of proprietary phones. These systems work with standard analog phones and selected IP phones, so if you already have phones in the office, you probably don't have to buy any others.

Use IP Phones and Skip the Second Network

If you're just starting out and haven't wired your new office yet, you can save even more by using IP telephones. Since IP phones share your computer network, you don't need two different networks. Less wire, less equipment, less complication and, of course, less expense.

Use VoIP to Reduce or Eliminate Long Distance Bills

Want VoIP? No problem; these units works with VoIP as well as it does with the traditional network. You can connect multiple branches over the Internet or integrate offerings from VoIP service providers.

Beat the High Cost of Hotel Phone Bills

Nothing burns up money faster than a long distance call from a hotel. These systems can save you money when you're on the road with its unique call back/call bridge feature. It lets you use your own long-distance plan rather than the hotel's.

Flexible Solutions for Your Business Needs

LiveZilla Live Help

The Perfect Features Voicemail, auto attendants, dialby- name directory, ring groups. And much more. These systems come complete with the kind of sophisticated features that users of big business PBX phone systems take for granted. Optional VoIP Need Voice over IP? Multi-location integration? No problem; small business VoIP is here. VoIP-enabled models handle both VoIP and the traditional telephone network. With a VoIP PBX, you connect the way you choose; VoIP (Voice over IP) and traditional telephone networks, IP phones or standard analog telephones. These PBX and IP PBX phone systems deliver the best of both worlds in one easy-to-use phone system. Connect Anywhere Your work doesn't stop at the walls of your office. With Connect Anywhere extensions, you can add your cell phones or any other telephones, anywhere, as extensions of your system. Flexible Growth These systems have a modular architecture that lets you grow when you need to and add VoIP when you want to. Designed to maintain your investment as you grow, These systems cover from 1-64 users per location.
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