For many businesses, office e-mail is no longer a luxury but an important necessity for effective communication. Add to this the advent of the Internet as global transmission method, and the importance connectivity becomes evident. No longer do your clients and customers ask if you have e-mail - they expect it!

Many small to medium sized firms have been limping about with less than optimal Internet e-mail solutions. This takes the form of single-user dial-up Internet accounts, or accessing e-mail through online services such as AOL or NetZero. Often, this results in poor communication through missed messages (because someone forgot to check the account) or bad file transfers which come through corrupted (if at all!).

RYCOMM can customize and install a cost effective, reliable e-mail solution for your entire office. If you're starting from scratch, we can help you determine the best mail server and client software based upon your intended usage. If you already have an interoffice (intranet) mail system in place, we can assist in evaluating the appropriate gateway software to get you connected.

• Setup of Up to Two Accounts
• Includes configuring incoming and outgoing
   mail using Outlook/Outlook Express,
   Windows Mail or Apple Mail
* Remote or Drop Off Services

• Initial Install of Device Software
• Software Configuration
• Initial Synchronization

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