At RYCOMM we specialize in Home Automation Integration. What automation integration does is simply to bring together all the electronics systems in your home or office with the convenience of having just the right user interface to access and control these systems, all this with the touch of a button and with ease of use. In short, an integrated home or office system allows your home or office to actively participate in your lifestyle and respond to your instructions for a more convenient, enhanced living or working environment.

How does it benefit me?
"Connected homes" are built for today with an eye toward tomorrow. They enable you to fully maximize the capabilities of current home products and systems, and help them run more efficiently together. We're talking about things you are probably already using-cable, multiple phone lines, satellite TV, audio/video systems, one or more PCs, Internet and security systems. A "connected home" offers:

  • High-speed internet access at any time from anywhere in your home
  • Flexibility of applications to accommodate work and play activities
  • "Plug and play" capability for all entertainment and communication systems (PC, satellite TV or DVD systems, etc.) in multi-use outlets throughout your home
  • Simultaneous internet access for multiple users through a single account
  • Elimination of costly rewiring in the future when adding new technologies, such as satellite service
  • Maintained market value by equipping your home to keep pace with ever-changing technology
  • Connected homes also enable you to add newly developed systems as they become available

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What is a connected home?
A "connected home" is just that - a home that is connected by a network from room to room and to the world outside. It gives you the control to integrate two or more home systems to realize the benefits most desirable for your home. Those systems include communications, computers, audio/visual, entertainment, security, lighting controls, utilities and environmental controls. In short, a connected home maximizes your quality of life by enabling you to experience the best technology has to offer so you can fully enjoy your home.

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