RYCOMM can assist with all phases of your multi-platform integration projects. We are experienced with integrating applications and processes across Windows, terminal based host systems, Mac OS, Unix, X Window, HTML and Java based systems. Our approach is to identify and use customizable tools and applications that support standard integration technologies such as ODBC, Active X, OLE, SQL, Perl scripting, Applescript, Visual Basic and others. Rather than suggest that you purchase all new equipment and software, we attempt to fine tune and compliment the systems that are already in place. By enabling data exchange between users and systems on different platforms, we are able to help achieve maximum efficiency.

This approach allows you to leverage investments in existing equipment and systems and to select the best platform, OS and application for each project. By allowing data to flow freely back and forth between systems, you can open up new opportunities for workflow and process automation.

Multiplatform Integration

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