RYCOMM brings the term "network analysis" to a new level. Driven by the needs of providing network consulting services to hundreds of clients covering tens of thousands of nodes, we have developed the systems, procedures and tools to help provide answers to questions like:

  • Should I consider 100mbps or gigabit Ethernet?
  • What would be the best use of high speed switches & bridges?
  • Am I getting the best use out of my WAN connections?
  • How can I get a breakdown of WAN or backbone traffic graphed by groups of remote users for particular services or protocol?
  • How can I get a comprehensive report detailing the behavior & health of my network?
  • I want to see all of this data graphed over time, in sixty-second plot points over the course of a week.
  • Can you identify threshold levels for each of my key devices and put a data marker on the graphs that shows when each threshold is approached?
  • Can you group devices by logical or physical address, and summarize and compare traffic patterns by group and between groups, plotted over time?

By shedding light on the behavior and usage patterns of your network, we enable you to make more informed decisions when purchasing network gear and services — rather than just throwing money and bandwidth at a problem, hoping that conditions will improve. We try to take the guesswork out of the equation by providing interpretation based on statistics and facts, not assumptions, marketing materials or theories of vendors who often have a very limited understanding of the technologies involved.

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