From a network management & troubleshooting perspective, one of your most valuable tools is up to date network documentation. RYCOMM can help by providing complete logical and physical documentation services. We start with physical blueprints showing cable locations for voice and data systems. There should be a universal labeling system used consistently throughout the cable plant, each wall jack should be labeled as to it's closet location, rack and panel number. From there the physical documentation should continue on to diagram the wiring and server equipment racks. Each device and every connection should be identified, labeled and documented. All desktop equipment should be inventoried and entered into an asset management system, identifying all equipment characteristics as well as office location, user and wall jack designations. Once the physical documentation is complete, we will assist you in preparing the logical diagrams. These diagrams will show the logical connections between devices that make up your networking environment, including routing, addressing & circuit information. All configuration files for routers, remote access servers, backup systems and servers should be documented and backed-up.

Although it may seem to be a daunting task if you are starting with no documentation at all, when finished it will prove to be an invaluable resource for your disaster recovery plans, as well as your network troubleshooting and management teams.

Network Documentation

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