RYCOMM specializes in a full range of network troubleshooting services. Our troubleshooting methodology starts by focusing on network and data link level services, regardless of platform or network operating system. We start by confirming the integrity, health and behavior of the network itself, including devices such as switches, bridges, hubs and routers. We employ all of the modern tools and techniques ranging from category 5 cable certification to SNMP collection and protocol analysis.

Our network engineers will isolate and identify the problem and then work with your internal staff, vendors and manufacturers to ensure the fastest and most economical resolution. We provide full reporting and documentation to backup our theories and test results. If the problem appears to be caused by a particular device on your network, we can often provide loaner equipment during the testing to prove or disprove the device's role in the problem. We will then work with the manufacturer to backup our findings and identify responsibility and an appropriate course of action. If the problem turns out to be a network design, usage, or workflow issue, we will work with your network support staff to propose the necessary changes to bring the network back to the service level that you need.

When the problem has been resolved, we will look at the network management and monitoring systems in place and if necessary, suggest improvements. Our goal would be to have the systems in place to either avoid network problems, or at least provide an early warning system to alert you of a possible problem before it results in downtime.

Network Troubleshooting

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Step 1: Problem definition

Step 2: Identifying the source of the problem

Step 3: Problem resolution

Step 4: Testing to ensure stability of the solution

Step 5: Ongoing management & monitoring
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