RYCOMM offers a complete line of remote network monitoring and support services. If you already have network management systems in place, but could use help configuring the systems or interpreting the statistics and reports that they generate, RYCOMM can help. If you do not have any network management systems in place, we can provide the necessary software and hardware components as part of our monthly service, for the most cost effective solution possible. We can configure management systems to send an alert to the RYCOMM Network Operations Center via fax, pager, direct dial up or email. These alerts can range from key network devices disappearing from the network, to threshold triggers for network errors, broadcast storms or routing problems. A RYCOMM Network Engineer can then connect to your network via dial-up, ISDN or a secure tunnel via the internet to assess the situation and begin the problem escalation process.

In addition to remote troubleshooting and protocol analysis services, we can prepare monthly reports showing network usage trends and patterns. These proactive monthly reports serve as an early warning system for network bandwidth and congestion problems. The reports are custom designed to fit your requirements and can be as brief or as verbose as you would like. They are designed to be put into a binder separated by month, with a quarterly summary outlining changes in network usage and performance. This monthly compilation can prove invaluable when planning network upgrades or changes. By having baseline and trend information, compiled over the course of several months time, you are more prepared to make decisions regarding the long-term implication of any particular network upgrade or change that you may be considering.

A remote monitoring contract from RYCOMM offers the quickest response from a qualified network engineer at the lowest cost possible. In conjunction with an onsite contract, we can dispatch a network engineer to provide loaner equipment or to perform any tests or repairs that may be needed onsite.

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