Set up and manage remote data backup services on all your computers wherever they are - over the web. Important computer data is securely backed up from remote computers to individual storage servers, that you, manage and control.

Backups can take place across oceans, across town, or from one part of the office to another.
Remote backup.

Quickly and easily provision new computers to be backed up without having to go onsite. Simply send end-users a link to download and install the client on the device you want to back up.
Remote deployment.

Automatically back up information to locally attached storage, even if the network or Internet connection is unavailable.
Automatic local backup.

Define backup sets that best fit your needs, and have them run automatically so you can focus on value-added services.
Scheduled backup.

Ensure your data is backed up whenever you need it to be. Create immediate, one-time backups with just a few clicks.
Manual backup.

Specify the number of scheduled backup versions you'd like to keep. Restore from the most recent set - or one from months ago.
Multiple backup versions.

Your data is protected during the backup process with 256-bit SSL encryption, the same security used by online banks. Backup sets are stored in a password-protected, encrypted state on the Storage PC to prevent unauthorized access.

Backup Features

LiveZilla Live Help

• Setup Backup Account
• Configure Settings on Remote System
• Configure Settings on Storage System
• Configure Schedule
• Test Initial Backup

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