Secure Remote Backup That You Control
Protect information on your computers with secure, remote backup to storage devices you control. Avoid relying external storage services and use one remote backup solution for all of your PCs, regardless of their location.

RYCOMM Remote Backup

With RYCOMM, backups can take place across oceans, across town or across the office. RYCOMM Remote Backup provides:
  • More control. Store data on the devices you manage.
  • Increased automation. Schedule recurring backup sessions and ensure that routine backups occur.
  • Enhanced flexibility. Use incremental backups to minimize bandwidth and storage impact.
  • Layered security. Protect data during transfer and storage with industry-standard encryption.
  • Simple operation. Dynamically negotiate firewall boundaries and work with existing network devices.

*You must have a broadband Internet connection for this service.

flexible solutions for your business needs

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Secure Offsite Backup

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Business Continuity
Ensure continuity of your business by protecting critical business data such as business documents, important files and other business critical information. RYCOMM Remote Backup provides:
  • A quick, easy and secure alternative for backing up data to an offsite storage device.
  • Anytime, anywhere backup, whether used as a primary backup service or as a secondary backup for offsite protection, ensure your business information is protected.
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