Structured Cabling is the key that links all of your home communications, entertainment, security, video, and temperature control together.

Tucked into the framing of your new home is wiring that connects everything. It turns on the lights, runs the computer, monitors the security system, brings in the television signal and provides your family with the things that make life safe, convenient and enjoyable.

Today, the demands placed on wiring are greater than ever before as lifestyle and home designs evolve. More people want to network computers, access the Internet, watch satellite TV, automate their home, protect it with a security system and enjoy audio throughout the entire house. Traditional wiring delivers the bare minimum of electrical service, making some of these activities difficult, impossibly slow or even impossible.

A home electronics network is designed for today's lifestyle needs, providing more than just wiring. It provides the infrastructure to accommodate the growing number of electronic devices found in most homes.

A home electronics network creates a local area network (LAN) throughout your entire house, bringing multiple telephone jacks, cable hookups and standard outlets to each and every room in your home. For the first time, you will access all your electronics through one multi-functional outlet and enable multiple capabilities conveniently.

  • Plug in your laptop computer and access the Internet with high-speed telecommunications and cable lines from any room in the house.
  • Network all your home computers and peripherals by plugging into a home Ethernet.
  • Watch a video playing from the VCR on any television in the house.
  • Distribute satellite televisions and cable signals throughout the house without degradation or fading.
  • Enhance the capability of your security system with distributed video.
  • Tune into "baby cam" to check in on the kids from any television.
  • Place furniture where you want it, not where the lone cable or telephone outlet dictates it must go.
  • Access home automation technologies with industry-standard wiring network.

Structured Cabling

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The industry standard covering residential structured wiring is the ANSI-570A: Residential Telecommunications Cabling Standard. It defines a central distribution box located in the home. Dual sets of high performance Cat-5 and RG-6 quad shielded cables are strung in a star formation to every room in the house. The efficient star topology allows all wires to have a direct link from the central panel to the outlets. Universal multi-media outlets allow the homeowner to determine which technologies will be used in each specific room in the house.

If you want to take advantage of the world of new technology, making sure your home is "connected" is not an option - it's a necessity. And structured cabling is the key, so make sure you select a builder or remodeler who understands how important being connected is to your future.
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