Internet Connectivity:
Award winning Web-Link software allows you to adjust settings for lighting, temperature, security, and appliances over the Internet. Verify that your children have arrived home from school or check and adjust the temperature at home from your office PC - all with the familiar "point and click" friendliness of a standard web browser.

Cellphone Access:
From the comfort of your favorite chair you can check the outdoor temperature, arm or disarm the security system, or adjust the lights and temperature - all from your home telephone. Out of town or on the way home from work? Simply call your system on the phone to check on the status of your house or adjust the lighting and temperature for your arrival.

System Access

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How do I get "connected?"
If you are building a new home, the best way to ensure you are getting a "connected home" is through the installation of RYCOMM's' recommended structured cabling solution. Structured cabling systems are available through a wide range of manufacturers and installers for a national average of $750 to $2,000. This one-time cost, only fractionally higher then what you would pay for a lower quality solution, will insure that your home meets all of tomorrow's communication, entertainment and information needs.
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