Usage reports can help provide a view into which users are using your corporate network resources - and when. RYCOMM can help put a plan in place as part of your network management system that will identify procedures and systems for collecting and compiling pertinent information on a monthly basis. The information will be gathered from statistics collected by your managed hubs, switches and log files from remote access servers, file, print and email servers.

RYCOMM can help design a system for processing these log files into a searchable database to track usage patterns and spot unusual user activity. By implementing a custom, automated log processing system, the network manager will only have to copy the log files to a specified server directory. Once there, this log file will be automatically batch processed into the usage database, where the logs will be cross referenced and compiled for automatic usage report generation. The database can automatically scan the data to spot unusual activity based on device and user history, or based on predetermined activity pattern thresholds that you would enter.

Usage Reports

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