Workflow analysis is a basic component of many of the other consulting services that RYCOMM brings to the table. A solid understanding of your existing workflow and processes proves to be an essential prerequisite to effective information technology planning. Weather evaluating an Internet/Intranet project, migrating a host based application to client/server technology or trying to optimize your network services for a production prepress operation, formal workflow analysis comes first.

RYCOMM can assist you by providing an objective, outside point of view during the data gathering and interviewing process. We can help compile data and document the workflow, while quantifying network loads and activity. A network analysis report can be an invaluable reference during this process. The goal of a formal workflow analysis document would be to help identify inefficiencies, unnecessary duplication of effort & data, workflow bottlenecks and under-utilization of existing technologies & equipment. This document forms a basic " foundation of understanding" that other MIS and Information Technology planning will be based on.

Making recommendations without a solid understanding of what the users really do, and why, how & when they do it forces the use of old fashioned guess-work, assumptions and imagination. It is to everyone's advantage to take the time to perform even a basic written document outlining the mutually understood workflow processes.

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